How will we benefit the Re-seller?

For All : You Can be part of the Allince no matter The size of Business.

Research : Simplify your reseach and onboarding process.

Listing option : You simply provide your full details for other suppliers to be able to find you. Our Relationship Manager would often, during their research find products and suppliers which we believe are of interest to our members. We may list them under this option.

Contracting : Contract directly or we can offer you one aggregator contract. for your requirement and take away the pain of accounting etc

Extranet : connect via API, our Extranet or use middleware option to connect to suppliers as well as distrivutors

Validation : we can validate your QR Code or Pass on Suppliers QR Code.

Invoicing : Simply send the Validated list as an invoice for payment vouchers..

Client Reviews : We Can help you Manage emails to your client that have travelled & obtain their Reviews

Address : 156 Cromwell Road Kensington, London SW7 4EF, United Kingdom | Email : | Call : +44 (0)203 608 3444

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