Channel Manager & Market place

Single platform to connect

  • Use us as your extranet and therefore be connected to re-sellers
  • If you already have an API connect with us only once and we will provide you connections with other OTA and re-sellers
  • Create your itinerary text for each re-seller
  • Manage your sales by each re-seller
  • Invoice by validated transaction or by bookings
  • Manage by credit limits

Market Place

  • List your product
  • Find other suppliers you can work with
  • Find other re-sellers you can work with

What is Included?

Find other suppliers or re-sellers you can work with

Elevate your bookings

Connect through various distribution channels and grow your business with various customer offerings. 

Flexibility with control

Have flexibility when it comes to creating a product with one or more distribution channels with the revisable and distinct commission rate.

Customized offerings

Create package product with different resellers and increase your bookings.

Start growing your business today

We will help you to take your business in next level.

Address : 156 Cromwell Road Kensington, London SW7 4EF, United Kingdom | Email : | Call : +44 (0)203 608 3444

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