What Do We Offer?

FREE listing so the world can find you

Obtain authentic reviews from your clients directly and reseller's clients

Flexible and up to date reservation system

FREE connection to Sightseeing Supermarket and other OTA

Sophisticated Validation App with ultra controls

Build your own packages with other suppliers

An Innovative Reservations and Connectivity Platform

Simply list your product and get free exposure and/or use our reservations system. If you are satisfied with your existing reservation system, connect with us using API and start working with many Re-sellers

For Suppliers

For Re-Sellers

Our Services

We are a Cloud Based solution offering a range of possibilities. An equal opportunity for all - simplifying marketing and working with each other.


We offer a FREE listing opportunity for those suppliers that currently do not wish to engage with us. This will allow your products to be seen and enquiries to be received.

Extranet / Middleware Solution

Use us as your back office, A single API connection means reduction in your costs

Reservations system with built in Client Review

Product Management, Seamless Validation, Channel Manager, Booking Management, Clients Reviews etc

Market Place and Aggregator

Connect to other Suppliers, Create Packages with other suppliers, Connect to Re-sellers

Tailor Made Solutions

Adopt our solutions or design and deliver your own needs, We have in house IT department to help.

Call Center Back Office Support

Do you need support in getting your calls answered 24 hours?

Clients Review Management

We are able to offer you a software that will allow you to obtain and show your client's reviews

Content Management

Store all your updated content together with close outs and images

Why Sightseeing Alliance?

Sightseeing Alliance is a universal platform bringing re-sellers and suppliers on a single platform.

  • We allow everyone to be able to display their product and be sold on our platform - Sightseeing Supermarket
  • Single integration to connect with various agents.
  • Improved customers’ straight-to-gate experience with digital tickets and quick validation process.
  • Reduce accounting costs and paperwork.
  • Track ticket validation and redemption history.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Alliance

Alliance is defined as a relationship based on similarity of interests, nature, or qualities.

Our vision is to give everyone an equal opportunity.

Address : 156 Cromwell Road Kensington, London SW7 4EF, United Kingdom | Email : support@yantraworld.com | Call : +44 (0)203 608 3444

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